Android vs iOS App Development

Android vs iOS App Development: Mobile app development has become associated with comfortable and reliable services. Now it is almost impossible for companies to be competitive without the enterprise mobile app. It is explained by the fact that more than 50% of all people are using their smartphones for making purchases. Such products also bring about the popularity and recognisability of the products and services. After the Internet user has downloaded your app, he or she will see its icon every day on the screen. What’s more, there are some additional beneficial features like push notifications. It improves cooperation with the audience and keeps customers interested in your services.

 Some companies mistakenly assume that a website is enough for attracting new clients. The reality is slightly different. A website doesn’t adapt to the screen of a device. The font may be impossible to read and understand. As a consequence Internet users switch to the products and goods offered by your competitors. 

Android vs iOS App Development

 Basically, there are two platforms for app development: Android and iOS. Company owners and those who want to embark on a career in the IT sector often hesitate between them. To understand which one is better, let’s get a closer look into their peculiarities. 

  • Audience 

 The most powerful reason to hire android developers for achieving your objectives is to attract a larger audience. Due to the latest research, nearly 86% of people worldwide use Android. In such a way mobile apps for Android are more popular when compared with iOS. 

 We should also remember that Apple devices are more expensive. It means that iOS users have greater purchasing abilities. 

 When thinking about the audience, decide on the most essential criteria exactly for you. You have to choose between the larger market coverage and greater purchasing power of the audience.

  • The geography of your customers 

 Despite the fact that the vast majority of smartphone owners use Android, there are some regional differences. 

 The statistics show that people living in countries with a high level of life prefer iOS. Among such regions are Asia, Europe, North and South America. 

 Android, on the other hand, is widely used in developing countries. It means that as a business owner you have to pay attention to the standard of living in the region where you are going to enter the market.

  • The age of the audience 

 You should remember that the targeted audience is also divided due to gender and age criteria. It is essential to take this information into account while deciding on the best platform for mobile app development. According to the surveys, men are more likely to use Android. On the other hand, women prefer iOS. iOS is also more popular among the representatives of the younger generation. The majority of people between 18 and 24 make use of this platform. 

 Well, it means that if your targeted audience is middle-aged men, then it is better to consider Android. But if we talk about young women, hire an iOS developer. If you find it difficult, visit The understanding of such simple things determines the success and popularity of your app. 

  • Chosen devices

 Make sure you understand what devices you will develop mobile applications for. Your choice will depend on the kind of appliance the target audience uses. It is pivotal to take into account the screen size while choosing a platform. 

 Apple releases a particular number of devices that involve iPad and iPhone. It isn’t difficult to master these appliances.

 In terms of Android, the situation is more difficult. The number of companies releasing Android-based products increases with each year. The produced devices differ in shape and size.

 The choice between iOS and Android means that you have to find a way to make your applications run on devices with different screen sizes. In this aspect, iOS wins. 

  • Programming language 

 Android applications are developed with the help of Java, Kotlin, and C++. For the iOS platform, developers use Swift or Objective-C. 

 Due to the fact that Android code is of open type, it is easy to work with. When it comes to Android you can write your own code based on the existing one. 

In iOS, there are large ready-made non-separable blocks. If you want to change something, you have to rewrite the code.

Final thoughts 

 There is no universal winner in the Android vs iOS battle. The choice should rest on your purposes and targeted audience. Both platforms have their weak and strong sides. If you can’t afford cross-platform app development, then you should make a well-informed decision. To make it possible to hire professional analysts for conducting high-quality research. 

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa