Learn How to Fix the Error Message “An Administrator Has Blocked You From Running This App” With Ease

The latest and most updated version of the Windows, namely Windows 10 is indeed an epitome of innovative excellence at its best. Designed with utmost technological precision and top-notch features, Windows10 is definitely the smartest and most advanced among all the other versions. Being equipped with such amazing features makes it all richer in design. With such technological precision, its overall operation, especially the launching or installation of an application becomes too easier for the users. However, there occurs certain technical glitches and errors that forbids users from running certain applications. That’s when the users confront the unprecedented error message which states “an administrator has blocked you from running this app”.

About “An Administrator Has Blocked You From Running This App” Error Message:

Such an error normally surfaces after the launch of a new OS. What’s more troublesome is that  Microsoft usually requires some time in fixing such errors. With regards to its fundamental causes, the error message “an administrator has blocked you from running this app Windows 10” essentially triggers when Microsoft tries to enhance and optimize the Security Systems. Microsoft normally blocks or restricts certain third-party programs and software applications from running in an attempt to protect the systems, thereby plunging the users into complications.

Potential Causes Responsible For An Administrator Has Blocked You From Running This App Windows 10:

As discussed already, if you are a Windows 10 user, you might seldom confront the error message stating “an administrator has blocked you from running this app”. Now essentially speaking there are many causes responsible for the glitch. The technical discussion mostly surfaces during the time of installation of certain applications on your Windows 10 PC. Usually, the issue generates due to the sheer incapability of Microsoft Windows in handling damaging software. Thus, in an attempt to optimize its security systems, Microsoft Windows 10 ends up restricting certain programs and applications from launching. As a matter of fact, Windows blocks some of the third-party deliverables that it considers to be detrimental for the system. While it blocks such applications vis Smart Screens and Windows Defender, the users land up running into major complications while trying to install these applications.

While such an error brings in much toil to the users, it is not entirely irrevocable. On the contrary, you can actually get rid of the error message quite effortlessly by applying some easy fixes. In this article, therefore, we shall offer you a handy checklist of the most workable workarounds that will help you to counter the glitch in no time.

Feasible Solutions to Counter the Error Message “An Administrator Has Blocked You From Running This App”:

As promised, in this section, we are going to guide you through the solutions to the problem, by offering you the most effective workarounds to counter the error message “an administrator has blocked you from running this app Windows 10” in case you confront it. Do give them a read.

First Things First: Try to Amend the Files that are  Corrupt

Running an SFC scan in order to detect the damaged or corrupt files and amending them is undeniably the easiest of all the fixes. In fact, that’s what you should do first, even before undertaking the more technical remedial measures. A System File Check serves to detect the corrupt and missing system files and amends them, resolving many such technical hitches. Here are the steps to run the SFC scan:

  • First of all, you must click on the Start button. Thereafter, within the Search box, type in the command CMD.
  • Soon after launching the Command Prompt, you have to right-click on the “Run as Administrator” option.
  • Now, if you wish to amend the corrupt System Files, you have to simply type ”SFC /scannow” within the Command Prompt window and wait for the scanning process to complete.
  • After the scanning is over, your system will detect the corrupt files. Thereafter, click on the Repair option.

On successful execution of the entire process, check whether the issue is sorted or not. If not, then move on to the other major solutions.

Solution 1: Avail the Hidden Administrator Account

At times, you may receive the error message which says “an Administrator has blocked you from running this app” because of some problems with regard to your Administrator Account. Therefore, even if you are confident about having the necessary administrator permissions, you might still require an alternative stand by Administrator Account in order to withstand any installation problem. An alternative Administrator Account will enable you to install the applications without any restrictions. Follow the steps to avail an Administrator Account.

  • First of all, press the Start Icon. Then within the Search box, type in “CMD” or “Command Prompt”
  • Following this, right-click upon the Command Prompt and choose “Run as Administrator”
  • Thereafter, you must copy and paste the command “net user administrator /active:yes” within the Command Prompt window and press the Enter Button. The moment you do this, you will receive a message notifying that “The command completed successfully.”
  • After this, you should press on the Windows Logo, located at the lower left-hand corner of the screen in order to Sign out of the session you are currently in.
  • Right after this, you must Sign in to your Administrator Account and wait for a few minutes.
  • Then, install the file after locating it accurately.
  • After doing so, you need to simply sign out of your Administrator account and revert back to your original account.
  • Now, to deactivate the hidden Administrator Account, you should have access to the Command Prompt along with all the necessary admin rights.
  • Once you have it, paste the command “ net user administrator /active: no”

Solution 2: Deactivate Windows SmartScreen

Windows SmartScreen prevents third-party programs and applications from getting installed in order to protect the system from any adversities and damages. Thus, the users often encounter the error message “an administrator has blocked you from running this app Windows 10”. However, in case, you wish to install and launch such applications, you can always do so by deactivating Windows Smart Screen.  Hereunder are the instructions to do so.

  • First and foremost, you must detect your file that you intend to launch or install.
  • Once you detect, right-click upon the file and choose Properties
  • Thereafter, you must be able to detect the checkbox that is located next to Unblock. Once located, check it.
  • This is probably going to Windows SmartScreen given the fact that you have marked the file as Safe already
  • Hence, try to launch the file.
  • In case the glitch still prevails, you are left with no other alternative but to disable your Windows SmartScreen. To do this, you need to perform the following steps.
  • Right-click upon the Shield Icon located at the right-hand-side of the Windows Taskbar and choose the option “Open” in order to initialize the Windows Defender Security Center.
  • Click on the top of the Menu Bar and expand it towards its right.
  • Then, initialize the “App and browser control” option.
  • Following this, you must detect the option entitled “Check apps and files” and deactivate it, turning it off.
  • Once done, try installing or launching the file anew.
  • However, after you have installed the file, ensure that you have enabled the Windows SmartScreen once again. In order to re-enable, you should follow the same steps. Only that you need to press on the “Block” option located under the “Check apps and files” section.

Solution 3: Launch the File By means of Command Prompt

You can retain greater control over your system by means of an acquisition of the Admin Rights. Besides, you avail these Admin rights in order to run the files and applications that may be problematic. This is going to further enable you to counter the error message. Adhere to the instructions given below in order to execute this.

  • Locate the file that you wish to install. Then, right-click upon the file and choose the Properties option.  
  • Following this, you need to copy the entire location of the file.
  • Thereafter, you have to launch the Command Prompt with the Admin Rights. In order to do this, you have to right-click on the Command Prompt option and choose the required option.
  • Following this, paste the actual location of the file adding the file name with .exe at the end.
  • Finally, press the Enter button and check whether the file gets installed or not.

Solution 4: Deactivate the Antivirus

You are most likely to confront the error message “an administrator has blocked you from running this app Windows 10” if you are using a third-party antivirus for your system. This is because these third-party programs might restrict the files from being launched or installed. If such is the case, then the easiest fix is to deactivate the third-party antivirus. To do this, obey the instructions listed below.

  • You need to right-click upon the Antivirus icon located on your System Tray
  • Following this, you are most likely to come across the “Disable the Antivirus” option.
  • Once found, click upon the Disable option.

Know How to Add an Exception:

  • In order to Add an Exception, you need to launch the Antivirus Software and press the Scan option
  • Thereafter, press on the option entitled “Add an Exception” and choose “Add Folder”
  • Following this, choose the folder in which the application is installed.
  • Now, try to launch the application and see whether you are encountering this error message or not.

Parting Note

With this, it’s time to bid you off. However, before we part with you, here’s a small note of advice for all our readers. Receiving the error message “an administrator has blocked you from running this app” is quite frustrating. Thus, you should not leave such a technical glitch unattended for long. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to apply the solutions we offered. We assure you further that by applying the workarounds we suggested, it will help you counter the glitch in no time.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa