6 Things All Students Should Download On Their Personal Computer

At universities across the globe, there are students that are buckling in to complete their degree programs. Whether obtaining a degree online or in-person, students must have a functional laptop in order to ensure projects are completed in a timely manner. In addition, this access allows students to monitor their grades, emails, projects, and schedule in order to stay on track for their program. Although students have to be on their laptop regularly, many do not keep track of safety, security, and programming settings that are necessary. In order to ensure that your device works efficiently and your information is not compromised, it is important to deploy certain programs that protect your computer. In this article, we will share six things that all students should download on their personal computers.

1. Microsoft Office Suite

If you want to complete your work in a timely manner and organized fashion, use the tools that are found on Microsoft Office Suite. Although this collection has many useful and classic tools, it always allows users to access advanced functions. Some of the commonly used programs are:

  • OneNote
  • Powerpoint
  • Word
  • Publisher
  • Excel

All of these tools allow students to complete professional projects in a timely manner. In addition, they are well-organized so that students can keep track of their documents throughout the years.

2. Google Drive

At most universities, group projects are completed in almost every course. These projects teach practical life skills as students learn to work with people that think differently than them. When you use Google Drive, you are able to seamlessly edit and develop pieces as a group. Rather than sending documents back and forth with edits and tweaks, all comments and decisions can be made in real time. With comment and reply functionalities, groups can have an entire conversation on a stream of the document.

3. Norton Antivirus Software

Norton offers a discount to students on their essential antivirus software program. This software offers complete protection of spyware and malware. In addition, it has parental controls that allows people to monitor, track, and prohibit certain online platforms. Not only does this collection have auto theft features, it is accompanied by a VPN for private browsing. Universities are known for having large groups of students and free internet access. For this reason, it is easy for networks to be hacked and infiltrated by intruders. When working with Norton, students can ensure that their information is secure.

4. AVG Antivirus Free

AVG antivirus free allows users to download a free security monitor on their device. Although many students will have a more robust protection plan, this service offers an added layer of protection. This service scans emails that are incoming and outgoing to ensure that no bugs are entering the system. In addition, it will keep track of downloads and external files to make sure that the device remains in optimal condition.

5. Adobe Creative Suite

Whether you are in a creative field or not, the Adobe Creative Suite is hugely beneficial to students. All students must complete projects that are designed well and have creative elements. When you invest in the creative suite, you can complete activities that impress your professors. This collection of tools includes Photoshop, inDesign, Premiere Pro,  Illustrator and other reputable tools. Utilizing this set of skills shows professors and future employers that you are savvy on the computer.

6. Canva

Canva is an easy-to-use platform that allows you to create and edit many different documents. From brochures to infographics, this brand helps individuals create simplistic and intuitive pieces that are easily consumed by the target audience. In addition, this tool allows users to design social media posts. Due to the diverse nature of this brand, it can be used to create school and personal documents and posts.


During your college experience, you have a unique opportunity to develop a new set of skills and abilities. In addition, you can expand your knowledge to uncover a whole new set of skills that you have never had before. Although there are many things at your fingertips, it is important that you take the important steps to gain security and show initiative. When you secure your device, you can eliminate the distractions that occur when information is stolen or glitches happen. By going above and beyond on assignments, you have the ability to improve your reputation and your skill set.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa