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Acer Laptop Screen Flickering: Solved

Many of the laptop users often face problems such as laptop screen flickering and others, particularly seen in the case of the users of Acer laptops. It is pretty annoying a problem. Moreover, you can’t complete your important works with such problems in front of you. If you are also tormented by the Acer laptop screen flickering, then stop worrying. We are here with the solution to the problem.

Solution to the Problem Acer laptop screen flickering

First of all, check the cable that connects the display and the motherboard, if there is physical damage in it. You also can check whether the cable is properly connected or not. If there is no problem with the cable, go through the following processes stated below:

Process 1: Update your Outdated Driver:

If you are still using an outdated driver, then you have to try to update it on your laptop.

Process 2: Change the Refresh Rate:

In order to match the capabilities of your monitor, you have to change the refresh rate. To do so, follow the upcoming steps:

  • First of all, right-click the screen and select Screen Resolution.
  • After that, click Advanced Settings and then press Monitor.
  • Then, you have to click on the checkbox beside the option ‘Hide Modes That This Monitor Cannot Display’.
  • Next, from the list select a higher refresh rate, at 80 Hertz if possible.

Process 3:  Check if the Magnetic Field is creating the problem:

Place your laptop in some wide open area. Magnetic fields generated by other electronic devices also conflicts with that of your laptop triggering the problem.

Process 4: Antivirus:

If the problem is caused by the virus, you can resolve it by running Antivirus on your laptop.

Process 5: Check Task Manager:

To fix screen flickering you can check Task Manager. To do so go through the following steps:

  • To open the Task Manager press Ctrl+Shift+Esc simultaneously or you can simply click the start button and after that select Task Manager.

If you find that the Task Manager is not flickering, then it is sure that the problem is in an app.

Process 6: Update the Incompatible Apps:

Update all the incompatible apps you have. Generally, it fixes this kind of problem.

Process 7: Fix the hardware problems:

When you are sure that there is no problem with screen cable, the problem may be caused by Hardware failure. To fix this, you have to take help from a licensed technician or an expert.

In this way, you will be able to confirm the cause too.

If all the above processes failed to help you, then for sure you have a problem with the monitor and if you are still under the warranty period, then you can get a free replacement from Acer.

Hope the present article has helped you regarding the problem. Feel free to state your comments in the comments section and for such more articles stay connected with our website.

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