9 Useful Home Cleaning Tips and Tricks to Follow (2020)

Your home must be neat and tidy as it is your ultimate and permanent living space. That is why cleaning and maintaining your home is a mandatory aspect that you need to do. Thus, you need to opt for specific house cleaning procedures that are highly beneficial. 

As you know, your home more than anyone else, it is better not to take any help from the professionals at the very beginning. In addition to that, you can also follow some tips and tricks that will make your work much smoother and more manageable. 

A Collection of Useful Tips and Ideas for Home Cleaning 

Gathering expensive tools, cleaning chemicals, and other things that will not help you to clean your home. You have to know how to use them. Moreover, it is obvious that you must opt for smart work if you are working hard. 

Take Care of the Bathroom 

One of the most irritating facets of the bathroom is its foul odor. So, eliminating it is one of the main tasks that you must consider. Use baking soda, lemon, and other natural ingredients to clean up your bathroom. 

Lemon will be much helpful in cleaning the shower. In the case of the drainage system, it is better that you hire a handyman from cleaning services Dubai. They will clean up all the garbage and dispose of them in the dustbin. 

Clean your Personal Belongings

Cleaning your personal belongings like combs, brushes, and other items are mandatory. Take a pair of scissors and pull all the attached hairs in the combs and hairbrushes. Dispose of the waste hair safely somewhere. After that, dip the comb or the brush in the mixture of vinegar and water. Let it stay for near about half an hour. After that, rub it with a scrubber and wash it with clean water. 

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Use a Vacuum Cleaner

Dusting is very much necessary for all the expensive items present in your house. You cannot wash those items, and water can destroy its natural beauty. That is why you need a vacuum cleaner. With the help of the vacuum cleaner, you can clean your bookshelves, beautiful picture frames, TV displays, and other expensive items. 

Disinfect Items Properly

In this COVID-19 pandemic situation, we are afraid to step out of our home. Now, we all face such a type of situation where all of us have to go out at our own risk. That is why, when someone comes to your house, or you come home from work, you must disinfect and sanitize your hands properly. 

On the other hand, you must also perform the process of disinfection of your entire room. If possible, hire the experts from cleaning services Dubai and ask them to disinfect your entire home with proper measures.

Clean your Kitchen 

The kitchen is the powerhouse of you and your family. Why powerhouse? Yes, you get your desired food to eat. That is why, compared to all the rooms, the kitchen gathers most of the dirt and debris. The most innovative way to clean your kitchen is by using baking soda, vinegar, and liquid soap. Collect and gather all the garbage and take it outside for disposal. 

Take care of your Tools 

Tools are the items that serve your emergency fixtures in crucial times. Thus, taking care of them is one of your sole responsibilities. Bring out all the tools that you have. If they are made up of iron, then never let them come in contact with the water. Instead, apply grease and Mobil oil for better flexibility. 

Eliminate all the Debris from the Furniture 

Furniture is generally made up of wood, so no question arises of cleaning them with water. Use vinegar instead. In the local market, scrubbing brushes are readily available. Get one of them which will help you to do the job efficiently. 

Clean the Curtains

Curtains are made up of cloth that can hold the maximum amount of dust. So, if you are having some kind of breathing problems, asthma tendency or bronchitis, then you must not perform this house cleaning activity. Instead of that, take the help of professionals to wash it and maintain its delicate fabric. 

Wipe and Clean your Fans

In the summer season, when your AC goes down, the fan becomes the life source for you to survive amid the hot weather. So, you have to clean all the dust deposits on the fan. Take a clean cloth and wipe the blades of the fan gently. If it is the ceiling fan, then carefully do it with the help of a ladder. In the case of a table fan, take care of the screws carefully and avoid losing them.

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