9 Tips to Place Higher in Warzone

There is no doubt that Warzone games are currently the most famous group games. Of course, these games are not easy to play, and each comes with different challenges. Being a Warzone player is not a simple task. Yet, we love to play all of them. This is the reason why this article has been prepared. If you want to level your gaming skills, take a look at Cod warzone cheat for PC.

Here are a few tips and techniques to place higher in Warzone.

1. Make use of your map properly

You usually get competitors faster if you keep looking at your map from time to time and point to their positions. Once you listen to shots, make sure to keep your map open as it will depict the shooter in a red dot. So, if you are not fighting, opening the map as fast as possible and marking the position will help.

As you move ahead in the game, your enemies will get the option to silencers or the Ghost perk so that they can hide their map location. Thus, it is important to utilize the map for mapping opponents as well as listening to sound cues near you.

2. Finish contracts

After you get into a Warzone solo match, it takes some time until you collect money which is enough for a Loadout Drop. The time needed to collect that amount can be reduced to a great extent if you finish contracts.

3. Drones

After you successfully complete a couple of kills and finish some contracts, you will own much more money than you wish to spend. Save the extra cash to continue buying Drones.

If you are a part of the team, you can easily utilize your drones at the exact time to not only acquire the same position of your enemy but also get to know where they are going.

4. Proper communication and pings

It is very important to know the color of every player. This makes communication much easier and simpler. Especially, if you are playing with more than two players, the situation can become quite chaotic.

Also, continue to maintain your communication with your team members. Keep in mind that even in tough situations, you need to continue your communication.  Nothing can be more annoying than getting an unexpected attack by an enemy.

5. Collect as much loot as you can

Warzone will offer you more equipment than you have expected. Most of the things like landmines or field upgrades are left in the dust even though they are quite useful. If you are thinking of utilizing a vehicle to traverse the map, you can take the help of a Trophy system to safeguard you from grenades and C4.

6. Make use of the zone 

Always arrive at the zone sometime before and wander at the edge of the safe zone. You can simply pick off enemies who want to be safe if you select a safe position. Even though your drop and landing might turn out to be somewhat challenging with many competitors coming down in the same area, you can get a good advantage afterward.

7. Learn about your weapon

The meta of the weapons in this game is constantly changing. Hence, before you start using your weapons, it is significant to know how to use these weapons and unlock their attachments. Also, ensure that you are aware of your loadout.

8. Sneaking away too much should be avoided

It is significant to maintain the essence of surprise in firefights, but in most of the situations, you should act fast rather than sneaking.

Whenever you doubt somebody waiting on the opposite side of the door, open it as fast as you can without wasting time. If you keep on sneaking, your enemy will get the advantage. So, don’t waste time.

9. Select the right perks

A few perks have drastically changed during the Warzone period. A lot of them have been adjusted in the course of time. You have to keep in mind to update your loadout so that you can actually get hold of the best perks equipped.


With the help of our above-mentioned techniques, you will be able to quickly help enhance your Warzone game. Also, don’t be scared of losing the game. For more details, stay tuned. Comment below for any doubt.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa