7 College Apps You Can Use to Set Up Your Business

Today, there seems to be an app for almost everything. But there aren’t many college apps that serve more than one function. 

In a bid to save entrepreneur students from juggling countless applications, this article explores the apps used in college that are applicable in the business world. Yes, the same apps students use for studies can also help them set up a business.

What’s the Use of Apps in Business?

The 21st century is a digital age where people run everything by computers and mobile devices. Even small companies such as a https://essaywritingservice.com/order-an-essay will require using Microsoft Word or Google Docs, both of which are apps used in education and the business world. An entrepreneur needs apps to properly:

  • manage employees;
  • store data; 
  • make records;
  • visualize data;
  • calculate probabilities from statistical data.

Here are seven college apps that you can use for these purposes.

Microsoft Office Suite 

Business students use Microsoft Office throughout their years in college. This program has both computer and mobile versions. It is a package that comprises the following applications:

  • Word;
  • Outlook;
  • Excel;
  • OneNote;
  • Publisher;
  • Powerpoint.

These applications are not employed only when learning certain subjects at school. Entrepreneurs also need them for launching and running businesses. For example, Powerpoint is used for presentations at college and for pitching ideas to potential investors. 

College Apps

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The other applications, such as Excel, are essential for making grids of numbers and text, as well as for performing complex mathematical calculations. Excel can also be used to present data visually, enabling the user to create graphs and charts for analyzing trends and metrics in the market. The data to be analyzed can be financial figures or population demographics, to mention a few. 

Students use another versatile application, Microsoft Word, for writing essay assignments. On the same note, entrepreneurs find this application useful in writing their proposals and reports.

iStudiez Pro Legendary Planner 

Without a well-planned schedule, college can be overwhelming for students. This is especially true for those individuals who do not have a ca.essaywritingservice because they will have to juggle a chain of classes during the day and several homework assignments.

To keep up, most of these students use iStudiez Pro to manage the schedule. This application helps them track projects, monitor deadlines for home tasks, and follow their grades.

Entrepreneur students can also leverage this application’s specialized digital calendar. This calendar provides features that are beyond time and date and can be highly valuable for small business owners. Remember that proper time management is crucial for achieving your goals in every field.


Being a successful student or entrepreneur requires knowledge in a diverse range of subjects. Coursera has a plethora of courses from leading universities, such as John Hopkins, Stanford, and Duke. Students love the app’s interactive solutions ranging from graded assignments and textbooks with video instructions to various projects and group discussions. 

For the aspiring entrepreneur who needs to be the CEO, accountant, and HR at the same time, Coursera is a great and affordable resource to learn different skills. Besides, you can even get an accredited master’s degree with Coursera while studying.


WolframAlpha is dubbed as the most reliable source for gaining computation knowledge and becoming proficient in it. Students use it to compute answers while doing their projects. Prospective business owners also leverage the application’s algorithms and data to create insightful reports. WolframAlpha makes it easy for users to calculate annual financial values, know probabilities, and perform other important computations.

An entrepreneur can benefit a lot if they involve data analytics. Another great thing about WolframAlpha is its diversity. Users can apply it in geography, life sciences, and other fields that need analysis.


College and running a business have one thing in common—they are both overwhelming. Fortunately, for college students and entrepreneurs who have come across Unstuck, there is a way out.

Unstuck, as its name implies, literally helps you get over a “stuck” moment, regardless of whether the situation is academic, professional, or personal. The app will walk you through a few questions specific to your request and then will generate a plan tailored to your needs. 

This is extremely useful when college students get overwhelmed with assignments. And the same is true for becoming an entrepreneur. Unstuck helps users fight against procrastination and lack of motivation. These two things are the greatest impediments to a successful business or academic career.


Whether one is a native English speaker or a novice, a few language mistakes can happen. For college students, this can cause failed essays and bad grades. In business, this can result in lost customers and a bad reputation.

Grammarly is used by college students to double-check their essays for grammar, punctuation, and stylistic errors. Small company owners can also use the tool to ensure that their presentations, letters, emails, and website content are error-free.


This is one of an individual’s favorite applications in college. Today, students might travel thousands of miles to many countries with different languages for their academics. To learn a new language, most of them use Duolingo, a fun interactive app.

On the same note, with the world becoming a global village, the most lucrative ideas require one to begin conducting affairs abroad. If one is starting a business in a foreign environment, Duolingo can help them learn the local language and build better relationships with their stakeholders.


Aspiring entrepreneurs don’t necessarily have to buy premium applications to run a business while studying. They can simply get started right away with the everyday apps they use in college.

Note that the above college apps are not an exhaustive list. There are thousands of other apps one can leverage to start a business. And the good news is that the majority of them are free. Even the premium ones will often offer a discount if one is a student. So, don’t hesitate to try the available options and take advantage of your student status while building your business.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa