7 Best Mobile App Development Companies in Dubai UAE

A mobile app is a computer-generated program or a software application that you can run on multiple devices- such as notebooks and smartphones. For the last few decades, there’s been enormous growth in this domain of Mobile App Development. No matter, whether it’s related to business, fitness, entertainment, astrology, learning or anything else, we use mobile applications for almost every sector. 

In the UAE, the demands of the mobile app development companies are increasing every day. However, finding the most suitable mobile development company to fulfil your requirements can be a time-consuming task. Fortunately, here we have provided detailed information about the recommended companies’ names and how they fulfil their customers’ requirements, as we all know the importance of apps for a business boost. 

1. UAE Website Development


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Are you looking for an affordable yet genuine mobile app development company, but have not found it yet? Then, look no more, as the professionals of the UAE website Development can assist you with exactly what you are looking for. To boost your business performance, the expert team develops the scalable, as well as efficient mobile applications for their clients. 

With the UAE Website Development, you can easily build a device friendly application, be it Android or iOS. So, from producing real business revenue to customer engagement, developers of the UAE Website Development can help you a lot to fulfil all requirements. One of the biggest advantages of this company is that with them you shouldn’t worry about the licensing cost. You can easily get the mobile app that you want. Also, the developers offer you an Android Development Kit for free that can tremendously reduce the community cost. And, you can quickly test a product on your smartphone or computer. 

2. Atdoorstep

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Are you searching for a secure mobile app development company in Dubai? Then, you just need to register yourself with the Atdoorstep and state your needs. Within a few hours, the most trustworthy service partner will join you. Developers of the Atdoorstep assist you to connect with every variant of mobile applications. So, as per your funds and budget, you can select the most fitted associate. 

For any business growth, it’s compulsory to maintain business performance, as well as client engagement. With the developers, you can quickly represent your business ideas and reach your target audience. Apart from regular app maintenance, the bug is an unexpected problem that needs to be solved immediately and that’s why you must opt for this highly-qualified team of developers. 

All developers have the capability to work with multiple programs. Starting from Blackberry, iSO, Android and Windows, experts can deal with several types of app development procedure. In addition, experts always try to provide you with budget-friendly solutions at your fingerprint. So, why waste your time! Go get the top mobile development deal in the UAE.

3. UAE Technician

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Professionals associated with the UAE Technician have years of experience in the field of developing mobile apps for- Symbian, Windows Media phone, iPhone/iPad and Android. With their developing skills, professionals associated with UAE Technician have created the latest programming languages and developed lots of mobile apps that have been downloaded by millions of users. Being a leading mobile development company in the UAE, they always thrive to deliver high-quality mobile applications. Apart from this, the professional also worked with individuals, popular brands, corporations and start-ups in order to develop powerful mobile applications. 

UAE Website Development got a rating of five stars. Some of the specialized areas of this company are- Blogging apps, Communication and Messaging apps, Business, Cash dealing, transfer of payments, Health apps and Tracking apps. Apart from this, the developers have already been using- C++, C#, .NET, JAVA, XHTML, DHTML, CSS and others.

4. Auxano Global Services

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Auxano Global Products was introduced in 2011 and is known as one of the specialized mobile app development companies in Dubai UAE. It’s an ISO-certified company and assembled with highly expert professionals. They always develop apps that always seem beneficial to you. This mobile development company specialized in creating Artificial Intelligence apps. 

Apart from this, they can deal with Virtual Reality Apps Development, as well as, Clone App Progress. If you are mapping for a startup, then you must contact the Auxano Global Service. As they provide products, as well as Channel Dimensions for your business. Moreover, this app development company is a technological hub, and using the latest mobile technologies can easily mitigate every challenge.

5. Singsys

This is another preferable eCommerce, web and mobile development company in Dubai. They have some well-trained developers who can produce customer demand mobile applications on the iOS and Android platforms. Singsys, always value diversity, as well as the upcoming trends. Millions of users are satisfied with their services across the UAE, Dubai. One of the unique features of this company is that they have a resource pool that can be able to create compelling Hybrid mobile applications for their clients. 

This company was introduced in the year 2009 and currently, 51-201 employees are working there. They are specialized in Digital Marketing, Mobile App Development, React Native App Development, eCommerce Store Development and Website Development. 

6. Silicon Graphics

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Developers of the Silicon Graphics group assist the corporate sector, as well as the start-ups with customized mobile applications. Silicon Graphics is a trusted service partner for many reputed brands. In order to boost up business performance, developers use cutting-edge technologies and frameworks. So, no matter whether you wish to take help for Printing Services, Digital Marketing, Video Development, Application Development, simply contact the professionals.  Also, they provide services on Rapid Agile Development, PPC Management and Internet Marketing. 

7. Device Bee

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Device Bee founded in 2009 is one of the most powerful mobile app development companies in Dubai. The flawless developers, engineers, and technicians can develop more websites, business strategies and apps in the UAE and beyond. They can offer Symbian Development, Website Development, Mobile Apps for Mac, Android, iPad and iPhone. Apart from this, professionals of the Device Bee can also offer On-Demand Apps Development, Visitor Management System, Multiple Social Applications, E-Commerce Solutions and many others.


A professional mobile app development company will help to enhance your productivity with the most advanced technology and tools. All these above-mentioned companies have thorough and rigid knowledge about the development environment. Hence, you can rely on any of them and lead your business to success.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa