7 Alternatives to Desktop Video Editing App for Stellar Videos in 2020

Nowadays, people make videos daily. Companies create catchy and motivating advertisements for their products. Bloggers need brief but informative videos to get more subscribers. Influencers inspire with striking video posts on social platforms. To get the desired result, one should use video editors. Youtube editor was excellent, but it had been discontinued in 2018. There is a list of seven free desktop video editing app to use in 2020. Each of them is a cool youtube video editor alternative.

Free Alternatives to Desktop Video Editors to Boost ROI of Influencers

Monotonous and dull videos will never attract viewers. You need software to make them brighter and more interesting. Best free video editing software helps to reduce the length and highlight the most crucial moments of the video.

1. Adobe Spark

It provides a variety of templates for free. Customers report, Adobe Spark fits more PCs than mobiles because mobile apps perform tasks slower. Subscription is worth paying because it allows you to:

  • edit footage in all existing formats
  • create videos of higher quality
  • invite others for team cooperation
  • personalize videos using premium templates and unique color schemes, logos, etc.
  • delete watermarks
  • apply limitless audio and video tracks
  • get 24/7 online support

One can try a cost-free trial version of Pro functions for 2 weeks to explore its benefits.

Its free version has such a disadvantage as Adobe watermark in the background. Besides, it demands subscription and quiet places for voice recording. Nevertheless, free Adobe Spark is user-friendly and offers many templates, icons, and images. Experts recommend applying texts and visual aids to make your videos more informative and unique. You can easily download or repost your creation on the Internet.

2. Fastreel

This software is a good choice for experts and amateurs. It is easy to use and provides many features that do not demand downloading. You can create stunning videos using online tools and templates. Its pro versions cost $5.95 and $19.95 (unlimited annual premium is $9.95 only). Just like in any other free software, a user will see the Fastreel watermark on the ready product. The software provides the following online opportunities:

  • video cutting and cropping
  • video compressing, rotating, looping, and reversing
  • creation of slideshows, videos, and video collages
  • adding of watermarks, subtitles, filters, texts, and music
  • changing speed and size of the video
  • muting and merging of videos
  • creation of stop-motion and split-screen videos
  • template preview

Premium versions offer videos of higher quality without watermarks. Besides, its pro variants are affordable and more beneficial.

The free plan gives fewer tools and outcomes of lower quality, but that’s enough.

3. WeVideo

Even newbies can create videos using WeVideo. It provides users with various options. Customers highlight the following pros of its free version:

  • easy to navigate interface
  • the engaging creation of videos
  • green screen suggestions
  • good templates

Unfortunately, the free version gives only 5 minutes a month of publishing time. There are 4 pro options from $4.99 to $29.99 per month. Users warn about its low privacy rating. The cheapest pro variant allows only 30 minutes of publishing time monthly. So, it is quite costly. Besides, it lacks warnings concerning the available features. You’ll have to pay more for upgrading and waste time trying to recover the lost information.

4. Flexclip

This software promises easy and fast creation of videos. The free version lets you:

  • make small video stories and alter them
  • use great templates
  • add music, text, background, videos, and record voice over the video
  • use online tools

Just like any other software, FlexClip has limitations for the free version:

  • one project equals one stock
  • only twelve projects available
  • videos of up to 60 seconds
  • watermarks

Even pro variants do not guarantee limitless projects. The highest amount is 1,000 for $19.99 per month.

5. Animoto

It is the most expensive software ($33 to $49 per month). Active users like its speed and easy way of video creation. The software allows you to test and change videos when needed. The indisputable advantage of Animoto is the limitless creation of videos, even with the free version! Its free version allows:

  • permanent creation of cool videos
  • 720p(!) quality of videos (compared to an average 480p or 360p)
  • using a collection of thirty colors
  • application of fifty music tracks

Free video editor provides watermark and only 3 standard fonts. Its pro versions usually get 10/10, though they are expensive.

6. Magisto

Magisto is very simple in use. It guarantees many features and videos of supreme quality. Its free variant has pros and cons.


  • download 720p HD quality videos with the brand’s watermark
  • make 1-minute long videos
  • use ten photos or short videos at once
  • get access to its Smart Editor options


  • Limited social sharing
  • Only the trial version if free
  • Pro versions are expensive ($9.99-69.99 per month)

The official website does not describe options for the free version. It means that you will have to buy a pro plan in a week to enjoy its features. One can enjoy its benefits only in pro versions.

7. ClipChamp

Unlike other free software, this one gets many dislikes. Users hate the free version because of its low speed and inability to download and share videos because of the time limit. The total rating concerns its pro versions and has nothing to do with the cost-free one.

Pros of this

  • export as many videos as you wish
  • easy creation
  • quick navigation


  • slow processing
  • demands speedy Internet to export videos
  • a video is to be too short to export
  • watermarks everywhere


It is better to use the software once than to read about it many times. You can create stunning videos using video editing app for free. Attract the target audience and make a profit on social platforms or due to professional product advertising!

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa