6 Restaurant Flyers That’ll Make your Customers Drool

You’ll need excellent visuals if you want to make your customers feel extremely hungry seeing your food. Taking excellent food photos is often enough to entice would-be customers. However, a simple dish picture does not provide other important details about your brand, like an upcoming event.

This is when a food flyer comes in handy. Not only will it easily attract customers to try your food but also give information about your restaurant. However, you might think that using a flyers maker will be greatly challenging. Thankfully, these high-quality restaurant flyer templates will save you time making them. Plus, you can fully customize them to suit your needs!

Restaurant Flyers

Summer Taste/Venngage

Summer Taste: An Excellent Creative Flyer Design for Restaurants

This free banner from Venngage looks like it came straight out from a food magazine page. The banner clearly indicates a food category. You can customize the fonts to reflect your brand.

If Summer Taste’s food photo isn’t compatible with your menu, you can easily replace it. Before you change the image, make sure you have the same dimensions for the best results.

Next, the middle text can highlight your event’s name. Then, you can have the top text display high-quality copy of your event’s dish category. Lastly, the bottom text can house your brand’s name and contact details. We’re sure you’ll get along customer beeline after using this template.


Broth Recipes/ Venngage

Broth Recipes: An Informatively Yummy Graphic Design Flyer

Kettle & Fire’s Broth Recipes infographic can work as an inspiring restaurant flyers. The Broth Recipes template shows a simple ingredients list. Then, the banner categorizes each list by culture. This layout can work as a step-by-step instruction informing readers about a particular topic, such as an upcoming event.

For example, you can replace one of the categories to talk about the event’s details. Then, the second category can talk about the dishes you’ll serve. Lastly, you can use the last recipe category to discuss the event’s clothing and etiquette requirements.

We understand that the food icons wouldn’t work for everyone. Thankfully, Venngage has made this template’s icons and images easily replaceable using its flyer editor.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa