6 Courses You Should Take If You See Yourself as Writer in the Future

Just like painting or music, writing is also one of the many genres of art out there. Just like other arts, it is a craft that can be mastered but needs constant improvement to keep you ahead of the competition.

If you have ever dreamt or just thought about becoming an author, you are probably wondering where to start. In this article, we are going to answer this question and help you find the right place to start your career path.

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Future Writer’s Guide: Top 6 Courses You Can Take

Whether you are planning to become a journalist, fiction writer, an academic author at the best essay writing service, or see yourself in any other position that is related to writing, there are a few things you will need to reach this goal. First of all, you will need some talent. However, don’t consider it something you have to own since birth. All you need is a passion for writing and lots of patience, and you will hone your skills.

Next, you need solid writing skills. This is also something you can accumulate over time through constant practice. But even that’s not all. To become a real writer and be good at it, you will also need to keep constantly developing your skills and styles. And that’s why you need writing courses.

All sorts of courses can bring numerous benefits. By taking them, you gain new knowledge, learn from others’ experience, and also meet lots of same-minded people. Taking as an example, there are certain websites that provide assistance for writing flawless content such as CustomEssayMeister that can help you with quick and easy essay writing.

To help you get on the right track, here is a list of the best options for future writers.

The Art of Storytelling

Storytelling is one of the basic skills every future author should have. That is why one of the first online programs we suggest you is The Art by Storytelling available at MasterClass.

The Art by Storytelling will teach you to create original ideas, find a unique voice, and breathe life into each character you create.

The class is taught by a famous, award-winning author – Neil Gaiman. Gaiman is known for his exceptional fiction masterpieces, so we bet there is a lot you can learn from him.

100 Day Book

If you have always dreamt of launching your own book, this is the right course for you. 100 Day Book is specifically designed to help aspiring authors start working on their first book and finish it in only 100 days.

The program consists of a variety of lectures, sessions, discussions, and practical activities that will help you generate great book ideas, develop characters, and create a bestselling book. Most importantly, the program explains the entire process that takes you from a blank page to publishing your first work. So, it will give you hands-on experience that will help your future career.

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Become a Writing Machine

Another excellent opportunity is offered at SmartBlogger. This platform provides a wide range of products and training materials created specifically for people looking to start a career in blogging. If you are planning to start a blog, you can find lots of helpful tips here. And their Become a Writing Machine course is one of the best available options.

The program is designed by professional bloggers. During the class, they share a unique system that enables authors to write up to 10,000 words a day. This can be a great option for many beginners.

Writing With Flair

Another course worth being on our list is one of the top-rated, bestselling options specifically for writers available at Udemy. The program was developed and is taught by a former editor of the Wall Street Journal.

Writing With Flair consists of 7+ hours of video lectures, 3 articles, and 4 additional resources for download. After completing the program, students are promised to know how to write with style, confidence, and impact.

One more thing you should know is that this program also awards you with a certificate upon completion. So, it is a win-win deal for every beginner!

Writers of the Future

Writers of the Future is not just another course. It is an open resource created to unite aspiring and professional authors into one, strong community.

On this platform, you will find plenty of helpful information. There is a blog, podcast, forum, and a newsroom created specifically for writers. Also, there are a number of contests and awards for new talents.

Finally, there is a free online workshop that will help you take your skills to a new level. The workshop is open to anyone. All you need is to register and join in when the starting date comes.

Trust us, it is a worthy opportunity you should not miss!

Children’s Book University

The last but not least exciting option on our list will come in handy to all beginners planning to become authors of children’s books. The Children’s Book University basically offers a complete, step-by-step roadmap that will take your idea to a published children’s book and will help to ensure success.

The program covers everything you need to know about the art of creating exceptional books for kids. From gripping storylines to fun illustrations – here, you will find everything you need to succeed.

The Bottom Line

To become a professional writer, you definitely need some sort of an education. Many students prefer to go the traditional way – apply to college, obtain a degree, and step on the career path. There are plenty of academic programs across different universities that will help you fulfill your plan.

In fact, certain jobs like a journalist or academic writer will require a college degree. However, not all do. Online courses like the ones listed above should be enough to pursue a career in writing. As a rule, such courses give you all the information needed to start your path. But the rest is on you.

The key tip to build a successful career is to keep growing. No matter how much you already know and can, there is always plenty of room for professional development. One should constantly keep honing their skills and polishing their styles.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa