A Troubleshooting Guide to Fix 500 Internal Server Error

Being one of the status codes for the HyperText Transfer Protocol, the 500 internal server error is something that only appears when something goes wrong on the website server. Most of the time, the server could not be more specific on what is the main reason for the error that you have encountered. The error might appear in different forms and with different messages. If the server has some sort of compromised element on it, then you might face this error.

This is an error that you can find on any of the browsers of your device as it generates from the server. As the error doesn’t imply a specific reason, it might appear due to some issues with the coding of the website. However, here, you are going to see all the possible solutions that you can try at your end to solve the issue. Let’s walk through all of them through this article.

Exceptional Solutions to Try for Fixing the 500 Internal Server Error:

As we have mentioned above, the error might arise due to the reason that there’s something wrong with the server where the website is hosted. Even if there’s nothing wrong either with the internet connectivity or the device itself, you might face the error. Whatsoever, it’s possible that there’s something you can do from your end to fix the internal server error that you have encountered.

Solution 1 – Reload the Webpage

The first thing that you can do in the process of fixing the error is to reload the webpage. You can click on the Reload/Refresh icon that appears on either side of the Address bar. Apart from that, there are other things you can do such as, you can press the F5 function key while visiting the webpage and facing the error.

Pressing the Ctrl + R keys altogether is another thing you can do to reload the webpage on your web browser. This is important to do because even if the error comes from the server, it might be temporary. Refreshing the page can solve the error if it appears on a temporary basis.

Sometimes, you might encounter the error at the time of checkout during payment at an online merchant. If this happens with you, then there might be certain duplicate attempts in the checkout process. You should immediately shut these attempts down whenever these accidents take place.

Solution 2 – Clear the Cached Data of the Web Browser

A lot of web browsers are out there that people use for having a better browsing experience. You should check on these browsers for the cached data because there might be some problems with the cached version of the webpage. If you are unaware of the steps to clear them, then you can follow them here. It could be causing the 500 internal server error that you have been facing for a while on your web browser.

Furthermore, for each browser, the process of deleting the cached data differs from them. You can go to the help section of the browser to know about the cached data cleaning process. Once you are done with the cleaning process, you should also check for the page where you were encountering the error. It should solve the problem by now as the cached data has been cleared from the browser.

Solution 3 – Delete the Cookies from the Browser

Amidst all the solutions, deleting the cookies from your browser might take you out of such situations. Like the cached data deletion process, removing the cookies from the browser varies from browser to browser. It depends on the browser, and how it allows you to delete the cookies from it.

If you are not certain about the process of how to delete the cookies from your browser, then go to its help section. Once you have deleted the cookies, you can restart the browser and check if you are still getting the server error. Well, it should not bother you any longer and to make sure that, you can revisit the webpage.

Solution 4 – Fix it as a Gateway Timeout

To get rid of the internal server error that you have faced while visiting the website, you can treat it as the timeout gateway error. It’s one of the most common aspects of the bad servers that produce such problems from their end.

As a result, the website takes way too much time to load the page and causes the error. This is one of the most appropriate reasons that can cause this specific error. So, you can fix the error in the same way as the gateway timeout error.

Solution 5 – Contact the Website Administrator

When none of the above solutions could help you out, the last thing you can do is to contact the web administrator. This is also important for any user to have proper knowledge about the web admin and the process to contact them. Majority of the time, the error comes with the way of communicating with the administrators. So, look out for it and get in touch with them to take yourself out of such situations.

Concluding Statement

As far as the solution for the 500 internal server error of the webpage is concerned, there are several things that you can do at your end. All of them are briefly discussed in the article which you can follow and apply accordingly. Though the problem appears due to some problems on the server, yet these are the things you can do. From deleting the cookies to contacting the web administrator, all you can do with the help of this article. Hope the article was able to help you out in this process to solve it.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa