5 Tips to Make an Explainer Video Successful

Have you considered investing in the production of an explanatory video in 2021? Explainer videos are a great way to attract prospects and introduce your company to them, therefore it’s a good option. On the other side, the challenge is ensuring that this film is correctly understood by audiences.

Our animation team will take you through a fantastic production process and provide you with five tips on how to create a fantastic explainer video.

1. Keep a close eye on the script

You’ll need an engaging story to make and know what is an explainer video. It’s a skeleton for a future video, upon which you’ll build the visual component. Every professional explainer video production company will ask you to fill out a creative brief first to have a better understanding of your business needs and goals. It will help you in deciding which of your brand’s most essential information to put in the video.

Consider the following questions before you (or your animated video production team) start creating a screenplay:

  • Describe your product or service in 2–3 phrases.
  • Who would you want to contact?
  • What problem are you trying to solve?
  • What are the three advantages you’d want to emphasize?
  • What is your product’s or service’s mechanism?
  • What mood (tone) would you want to utilize in your video?
  • Do you have any visual style preferences?
  • What is a call-to-action phrase that should be included in the video?

This fast tutorial will help you write a short and memorable script that is suitable for your target audience and achieves your business objectives.

2. Make a quick and sweet video

Hellen Klein Ross, a creative director and writer, says, “The less you say, the more likely people will remember.” Naturally, every business owner wants to give as much information as possible about their firm and its distinct offering. However, keep in mind that a movie is just a synopsis of your business. In the first five seconds of the video, try to peak viewers’ curiosity since this is when they pay the most attention.

The typical pace in business is 150 words per minute. Although the voice actor may try to convey the information faster, the customer may get overwhelmed. Allow enough breathing room and time in your film for the information to sink in.

3. Make an attempt to keep your audience entertained

It’s impossible to emphasize the importance of the video’s amusing and appropriate tone. They make a video that appeals to and engages a particular demographic. We’ve found a common thread that runs across all of these target groups, regardless of age, gender, job title, or even geographical location: entertainment. People like being entertained, and they look forward to it when they watch a video. However, due to certain disabilities, like hearing problems, some people are unable to enjoy your video content. You should keep in mind those people as well and transcribe video to text. That way, they will have insight into what you presented in your video.

You may include a fun element to your film, like as a joke, a funny metaphor, or a surprise, to enhance the likelihood that the audience will remember you as a brand and get interested in what you have to offer.

4. Set the mood with music

It’s incredible what excellent music and voice can do. Sound has a large impact on our cognitive processes and interacts with them on a variety of levels. It may also cause a variety of feelings, emotions, and relationships. All of this adds to the video’s desired mood and gives a prospective customer a wistful impression.

Find the music that best compliments your video and helps in the delivery of the marketing message by researching your target demographic. Even if you require a real estate explainer video or a film for any other company category, this is a critical step in producing a video that appeals to your target audience and achieves your objectives.

5. Keep things simple

It is true, as Leonardo da Vinci famously said, that the greatest sophistication is simplicity. To make your video successful and simple to comprehend, keep it simple. Four essential aspects should be highlighted in explainer videos:

  • What’s the problem? 
  • What’s the solution?
  • How does it work?
  • A call to action.


What is an explainer video? An explainer video is a video that explains something. An explainer video is one of the most effective ways to convey a story about your company and present it to potential customers. We’ve prepared a list of the top five tips to help entrepreneurs and animated video production companies operate more efficiently and produce high-quality videos that win consumers’ hearts.


Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa