5 Tech Gadgets Truck Drivers Must Have 

It’s not always easy to be a truck driver. Being out on the road all day requires preparation and dedication—and a lot of tech.

There’s more to the job than a rig and a full gas tank. Besides mapping out the rest stops and knowing their destinations, truckers use various gadgets to navigate the open roads. Read on to learn the essential tech gadgets that every truck driver must have! 

1. Radio Communication Devices

Truck drivers communicate with different people throughout the day. These could be fleet managers, suppliers, trucking customers, other truck drivers, or even their families. 

Most drivers use a Citizens Band Radio. These devices allow truck drivers to transmit their messages over unlimited distances. 

Brands like Moonraker offer many radio communication devices for truckers. From CB radios to hands-free Bluetooth headsets, earpieces, and even transceivers, radio communications help drivers stay in touch with people on the job. 

2. GPS Technology

Based on the Hours of Service Regulations set forth by FMSCA, truckers can drive up to 11 hours per day. GPS technology and telematics can provide drivers with the best route to get their job done in the shortest amount of time. 

For example, a fleet manager may enforce their team of truck drivers to install a telematics device into their dashboard. These devices can offer optimal route planning to save fuel and time spent in traffic. 

3. Coffee Maker 

One study that measured the sleepiness at work among commercial truck drivers found that both long-haul truck drivers (40 percent) and short-haul drivers (21 percent) had difficulties staying alert during at least 20 percent of their time on the road. 

Of course, you should always make a quick pit stop if you’re sleepy. However, getting a quick fresh cup of Joe is perfect for keeping drivers alert during their long drives. 

Portable coffee makers are one of the most useful gadgets any trucker could have. It works by filling the coffee maker with coffee grounds and hot water before leaving. Then you’ll have access to fresh coffee anytime. 

4. Dashcam 

A dashcam is a tiny video camera that mounts onto the truck’s dashboard. It can provide a wide-angle video of everything happening around your vehicle. 

Many telematics systems offer a dashcam device with GPS technology, a recording feature, and even monitoring driver behavior. These devices help to provide collision warnings in the front and rear of the vehicle. 

In the case of a vehicle collision, it can protect drivers from hefty insurance costs. The device can capture footage of critical events and provide evidence during the investigation process. 

5. Electronic Logbook Devices (ELD) 

Electronic logbook devices are extremely valuable when driving your truck on duty. Many fleet owners will require drivers to log their driving hours and other vehicle health metrics. An electronic logbook device helps keep an accurate record of your trucking duty status without having to log it down on paper. 

Final Thoughts 

Being a truck driver can be a rewarding profession. The thrill of travel and earning a good living make the profession attractive for many truckers. With these tech gadgets in mind, you’ll be able to excel at your role and make completing your daily tasks much easier. Happy trucking!