5 Secrets for Increasing Engagement Rate on Instagram

Instagram is becoming increasingly popular as a social media platform. A lot of content creators are gaining recognition through this platform and budding artists are getting new opportunities. Several people find it hard to increase engagement on Instagram during their starting phase. But now, there are many solutions, one of which is to buy Instagram Views from gpc.fm

You need to carefully look into these tips and tricks in order to gain a better engagement level for your page on Instagram.

Tips  to Increase Engagement on Instagram

Buying followers on Instagram

In order to buy Instagram followers, you have to look for sites offering the best packages. There are several websites that will help you with this task. Buying followers on Instagram will help you have a guaranteed list of followers which you will not lose under any circumstances. This will subsequently help with a steady growth rate on your account. A high number of followers will attract more people to follow your account.

Some of the websites which offer this service are likes.io, Social-Viral, Stormlikes, Kicksta, Ektora, and Hashtags For Likes. These services offer a credible list of genuine followers for your account at budget-friendly rates. You can buy followers from 100, 500, 1000, or more. You just have to select one of their packages and select a payment mode. The entire procedure is quick and simple.

Find the best time to post your content

Finding the right time is one of the primary things to do before posting anything. Posting content when most of your followers are active is one of the quickest ways to increase engagement on Instagram. When posts generate a good amount of likes in a small amount of time, Instagram algorithms work their magic and automatically help you reach more people.

Spend some time before posting serious content in monitoring when your Instagram followers are the most active. Try and find which time zone most of your followers belong to and this way, analyze the best time to post. Posting content at a peak time will help you gain maximum engagement on your account.

Start using Instagram stickers on your stories

Instagram keeps coming up with several updates and one of them was the introduction of stickers. There are different types of stickers that you can use in your stories to increase engagement on your account. The best stickers are the ones that have interactive features. For example, there is a sticker that lets you ask questions and lets your followers respond. This sticker can also be used to ask your followers to ask you questions. 

Similarly, there are also quiz stickers, poll stickers, and countdown stickers that will help with interaction. Interacting with your followers will show that you are considerate about what they want. Also, try to post stories on a daily basis, because when your profile shows up more often, you automatically generate more reach.

Write lengthy captions

Instagram lets you add captions that are up to 2200 characters long. Writing longer captions will help you increase engagement by the amount of time you spend on your post. This is one of the criteria that Instagram’s algorithm follows while trying to increase the level of engagement on your account. When it realizes that you have added a post with a lengthy caption, chances are, you will get more likes and comments as compared to your other posts.

This is also one of the easiest ways to make your account popular and gain more reach. If you observe, many content creators on Instagram have increased the length of their captions. Paying attention to the hashtags that you use will also help you generate more engagement. Use common hashtags with relevance to your post. When people search specific hashtags, there is a chance that your post will be one of the results.

Create more content that is based on videos

When Instagram introduced a new feature of making reels, it turned into one of the most used forms of posting content on the platform. Users on Instagram are more likely to engage in video content. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought in a lot of content creators and helped them reach massive engagement rates because of the video content they posted.

Try to create unique videos regularly. Due to your regularity, your account is more likely to appear in the suggestions. If it’s a reel, try to include popular hashtags. This will help your videos appear in the reel section of the platform. Making videos is not as difficult as before. There are several mobile apps that will help you create videos in a faster and easier manner.

Bottom Line

Instagram is surely a competitive platform but there are many ways to make the entire process of increasing engagement much easier. Using methods to buy Instagram followers and by following other tactics, you will generate reach in no time. You just have to spend a little time and money, but the results, in the end, will assist you with successfully increasing engagement on Instagram.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa