5 Important Tips And Tricks To Make Your Content Stand Out

An array of elements go into making content stand out. So, which ingredients do you need for a perfect blog recipe?

The writer’s dream is to write perfect articles day in and day out. However, monotonous work and writing the same things can hinder even the most professional writers, let alone beginners. Moreover, writing outstanding content is vital because of how it affects business.

Since 91% of marketers claim that they use content to reach their customers, content needs to be able to do that. Writing exceptional content is the number one priority for a writer because 60% of B2C experts focus on content marketing only.

That’s why it’s important to understand a few key elements and make your own process to write good content every day. So, to help you do just that, let’s dive in further.

Importance of Unique Content

Unique content drives traffic, attracts audiences, and generates credibility. However, writing original content isn’t easy. It requires thorough research, an unimpeded idea of keywords, and organized content calendars. All this can be a lot of hassle, but how is that worth it?

Around 58% of marketers say integral and unique content is the most necessary type, as this stat warrants the original content requirement. Now, if more than half of marketers around the globe are focused on creating original or unique content, it must be important. Here’s how:

· Google

Out of all the search engines, Google is the primary name, and it does not like any sort of unoriginal, dull, boring, or plagiarized content. It has zero tolerance for duplicity, and that’s why you have ZERO choices but be original every time you sit down to write.

· Audience

Regardless of your niche or industry, your target customers will be clawing for original content. If you’re posting content using 100-year old methods, then they will be bored out of their minds. Bear in mind content marketing is not telemarketing. Be original.

· Competition

If your content isn’t on par with your competition, then you’re going to fall behind. That’s why it’s crucial to make your content stand out with unconstrained originality.

· Brand voice

Every brand needs its own voice and needs to stand out from the competition. That’s why original content helps you develop a brand voice, which becomes synonymous with your blog, websites, social media, etc.

These four significant reasons for focusing on original content aren’t only important; they’re necessary. That’s why many marketers and businesses go above and beyond to ensure the unique nature of their content.

That’s why writers, marketers, and businesses need to ensure their content’s originality and make it stand out.

5 Essential Tips & Tricks To Make Your Content Stand Out

5 Essential Tips & Tricks To Make Your Content Stand Out

We need to check plagiarism before uploading a content on the internet and we can check plagiarism by using any plagiarism checker. While you can depend on statistics, facts, or various other resources to formulate informative content, originality is driven by a variety of factors.

That’s why it’s essential to understand the right process of creating content that stands out in the audience, competition, and search engines. But, as with all things in online marketing, this is easier said than done.

Therefore, you need a strategy, which you can rely on every time you sit down to write. Since writing original content is a sum of various procedures, here are five essential tips and tricks to help your content stand out:

1. Pick Your Headline

Your headline is going to be the number one decider of whether your target audience will click on your content or not. Experts suggest that 36% of Google searchers prefer headlines that promise a list. i.e., “7 Ways to create an SEO strategy.”

Another statistic suggests that 17% of readers prefer headlines beginning with “how to.” All these point towards one thing: the promise of information. That’s what you need in your headlines, a potential and a guarantee of information to be found within your content.

So, writing a good headline is akin to picking your topic. The more unique they are, the easier it will be for you to draw readers. Furthermore, a unique headline is one of the top essentials to help your content stand out. Therefore, be meticulous in choosing your headlines.

Important Tip: Try using hyphens, numbers, questions, or promises in your headlines.

2. Use The Right Keywords

2. Use The Right Keywords

Source: https://neilpatel.com/ubersuggest/

Choosing the right keywords is an absolute essential in making your content stand out. Without keywords, your content is a ship without an anchor. Because a content bereft of any keywords is similar to a boat whose captain doesn’t know where to park, nor do the passengers know where to find it.

That’s why picking the keywords is an essential factor, as search engine crawlers base their indexing based on them. However, you need to avoid keyword stuffing, as it would devoid you of any credibility. In fact, Google might even penalize you for using way too many keywords.

Important Tip: Try to use Keyword Planner to find keywords. Or, use Google Suggest to have at least a little understanding of keywords.

3. Write Good Content

Writing good content is an absolute essential to make it stand out. While you will hear many say this, you won’t find many lists or articles telling you just how to begin writing from the first word. So, let’s assume you picked a good headline and know just the right keywords to use.

Then, you will have to divide your content into three sections, such as:


The introduction of your content, albeit short, is one of the most essential sections. It needs to hook your readers. Moreover, it needs to push them towards scrolling through to the bottom of your content.

That’s why you cannot waste time writing an intro. So, try to keep your intro 5-10% of the total length of your article. Let’s say your article needs to be around 2500 words, then make sure the intro doesn’t surpass 125-150 words.


This part is the most important section of your entire content. It needs to be original, informative, and captivating at once. However, it doesn’t need to be lengthy, tedious, and exhausting to read. So, how do you go about fixing that?

To make compelling arguments and build a captivating bulk of your content’s conversation, you need to divide it into various subheadings, bullet points, etc. So, if you’re writing a list, you won’t need to do this, as the list would divide itself.

However, if you’re planning on placing a long argument based on the topic, then try to divide it into short sections, separated by bullets and subheadings. This will ensure your middle part’s better readability, allowing the search engine crawler to scour through it quickly.


Your article’s last part or conclusion needs to act as the answer raised in your intro. So, you asked a question in the introduction, you presented your argument in the middle, and now answer it in the conclusion.

Since you would have made your points in the middle section, this part needs to tie it all together. Much like the intro, this part needs to be short as well. In fact, it’s better if it’s faster. So, if your intro was around 125 words, make your conclusion around 60-70.

4. Informative Value

Informative Value

In the middle part of your content, the informative value of your content will be the vital pulp of it all. It’s also one of the things that help you the most in making your content stand out. That’s why you need to ensure a few things to elevate its informative value. Here’s how:


Using images or visual representations of your ideas will elevate the quality of your content tenfold. So, try using images, data charts, etc.

Important tip: In Google Image Search, go to ‘Tools,’ then pick ‘Usage Rights,’ In the breakdown menu, click on ‘Creative Commons Licence.’ This will help you find royalty-free images you can use in your content.


Dividing your content by bullet points will coerce Google into thinking your content has informative value. This alone will make your content rank higher in search engines. Though, make sure these bullets do pose important information.


The best way to ensure informative value in your content is by using facts. Use Statista or similar websites to find essential facts or information that you can use.

5. Get Rid of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is going to be one of the significant drawbacks of your content, even if it’s original. Accidentally writing duplicate content is one of the reasons many articles never make it on the first page of SERP.

So you have to check for plagiarism in your content which is done by a free plagiarism checker available online.

After detecting the percentage of plagiarized content, you can rewrite it by changing the plagiarized sentences and words with their synonyms while retaining the original meaning of the context, or if you want, then you can also use an online paraphraser which will make this task in a couple of second in a very efficient and accurate manner.


These tips can help you write unique, captivating, informative and idea content for search engines. So, try to follow the tips, as well as the model mentions throughout the article to create content that stands out.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa