5 Best PC Tune-Up Software For Windows [FREE]

PC Tune-Up Software For Windows

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For your PC, a tune-up is a way to improve your computer’s performance using different methods. It can be done using several processes like uninstalling computer programs, removing temp files, fixing computer errors, and cleaning up the registry. Now, the question arises why does your PC need a tune-up? What a PC Tune-Up Software does is improve the performance of your system. Many factors lead to poor or slow down the performance of your PC.

  • Running too many start-up programs.
  • Too many browsers are running in the background.
  • No or very little space on your hard disk.
  • When your hard drive fails.
  • Your system is infected with a virus.
  • Scanning of overzealous antivirus programs.
  • Your PC is accumulated with many unnecessary and junk files.
  • Low space left in RAM.

Benefits of Using a Tune-Up Software:

All the points mentioned above and many other factors are responsible for making your PC unusually slow. If your system is frequently crashing or taking too long to start and shut down, then you probably need to tune up your system. And here comes the tune-up software to your rescue. The benefits of tuning up your computer are endless as it fixes almost all the issues related to your computer. Tuning up takes care of everything like virus intrusions, Windows Registry errors, hard disk fragmentation, system lockups, and many other points that have been discussed below:

  • The slowed-down system starts performing faster after going through a tune-up. It cleans the unnecessary files leading to lightening the load of the system, consequently making it faster.
  • It even helps your system eliminate malicious malware like viruses, spyware, and other infectious files that can harm your system.
  • It performs complete scanning of your system to remove the issues leading to your PC’s slowed down speed.
  • Apart from your system, it even performs a thorough inspection of your hard drive.
  • Such software even takes care of your online identity and erases your browsing history to keep you safe.

List of 5 Free PC Tune-up Software for Windows:

Avira System Speedup 

This tune-up tool is considered one of the best tuning tools in the market. It performs all the functions necessary for keeping your disk clean. There are several pieces of stuff like online traces and temporary data that need to be removed to keep your disk clean, and this speedup tool does it all for you. It also makes sure to analyze the problems in your registry and keeps your registry clean as well. This speedup tool even alerts you about disk cleaning and optimization from time to time. Most similar tools do not offer this feature, making them smarter, wiser, and better than others.

IObit Advanced SystemCare Free

This program helps to get rid of all the junk files that have accumulated on your PC. With just one click, you can remove over 26 types of junk files like temporary files, image caches, update caches, system logs, and many others that lead to cleaning up your hard disk space. If you face low internet speed issues, then the Internet Booster feature can increase speed. This software is designed with a privacy shield that protects your data and information from hackers. Apart from all these features, the optimized Turbo Boost makes your computing experience better than before.

Are you currently using the free version of IObit Advanced SystemCare? It is recommended to upgrade to the PRO version to unlock the advanced features. If you like IObit products, never miss a chance to save big on your desired products. You will get great discounts using the latest and working IObit Coupon Codes.


The CleanMyPC software is an extremely great option for cleaning your PC as it lightens your system’s load and is easy to use. It cleans the additional load of tools and extensions that are of no use. It keeps your online browsing safe and clears your cookies or login data. With just one click, you can permanently clear your browsing history. Apart from your browsing history, it even shreds your files permanently, making it quite impossible to recover them. Manual disabling of the hibernation file can be quite challenging, but this software even makes this task simpler.

iolo System Mechanic Free

This tune-up software has been quite a success in improving your PC’s performance. It cleans up all the junk files stored in your system and also cleans your registry. If your internet is slow, then this software is even more effective in boosting your internet speed. It includes many tools like Startup Optimizer, RAM Leak Repair, Disk Defragmenter, and Junk File Cleanup.

CCleaner Free

CCleaner software has over 2.5 billion downloads worldwide and is available in almost 55 different languages. It enables your system to eliminate the junk files accumulated while uploading files and optimizes your system with its cloud solutions. Apart from your PC, it even comes with the optimization tool for your android device. The real-time monitoring and automatic updates offered by this PC Tune-Up Software let you maintain your PC wisely. It even keeps you safe online and erases tracking cookies and browsing history. With CCleaner, one can even schedule cleaning as per your system’s requirement.


Life is too short of taking the stress of your slowed-down computer, and that too when there is trustworthy software in the market to make things convenient for you. And one thing is for sure you can’t take tuning up of your computer for granted if you wish to have a hassle-free computing experience. The above-discussed PC Tune-Up Software can be exceptionally great options as they are capable of sufficing your needs. And you can choose any of them after assessing your requirements from the tune-up software.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa