5 Best Free Applications for Tracking Every Android Device

If you are a parent or a guardian then you understand the core responsibility of letting your children have smartphones or any Android Device. Despite your promoting discipline, things can often go unnoticed. 

For example, your children may not tell you about their whereabouts or activities which might be potentially dangerous for them. As a parent, it is a constant state of anxiety where you believe if you could keep an eye on where they go, they’d be safe and you’d be at peace. 

Or, it could simply be a case where you’ve lost your phone and would like to retrieve it back by tracking it.

Well, the troubling thoughts can be tossed out because technology has given us an ample amount of benefits and uses. On the same spectrum, tracking an Android device is not a far-fetched thought. 

There are many application software like Find My Device or Life360 app that gives you the accuracy of a location of whichever device you’re looking for. Sounds exactly what you were looking for right? Read more to track!!

Top Apps Designed to Track any Android Device 

Misplacing our smartphones can be a very stressful event. Our entire existence belongs in it and to find out that we’ve just lost it, can be terrifying. However, if you could track the Android device, you’d be at ease and retrieve it back. 

Here are the top 5 apps that you can use to track an android device:

1. Find My Device

Find My Device is an application that you will find on Google Play Store. Here’s an interesting fact about Find My  Phone. If you have a pre-built Google Account registered to your phone already then Find My Device is already turned on in the device.  

However, if you have not yet installed it, then get it from Play Store. Once you’ve installed it, you’d be asked to log in using your Google Account. Now that you have enabled the location and internet connection, here’s how you can track this particular device (even if it gets stolen or is in the hands of a child). 

Simply visit the website called “google.com/android/find” through any web browser and then enter your Google Account details to log in. Or, you can also enter “find my phone” and look for its location. 

However, you’ll be only getting access to the device’s location if the location settings and internet connection is active in the device. If that is not possible, then you can choose other options like “Erase Phone Remotely” or Lock Your Phone Remotely” to be safe. 

2. Family Locator (By Life360)

Developed by Life360, Family Locator is an android application that offers the real-time location of the devices you want to track. In other words, it is a family-oriented software where you can create a private group and add your close ones in it. For instance, your kids or family members. 

Now, this group that you’ve created, allows each other to view their location history and real-time location. Here’s one interesting thing about Family Locator, the Life360 app has a unique feature that gives an alert for both arrival and departure. So, if you have some ground rules or curfew for your children to be back home at a particular hour, then this feature will be of best interest to you. 

Additionally, you can also chat with the members of the group and send alerts. Furthermore, the application is also designed very specifically so when the device unexpectedly crashes or gets locked, the app facilitates help. 

Thus, all you have to do is have a steady internet connection for all the devices that are connected to the Family Locator Life 360 app and have their GPS turned on during the times of use. It is also not just restricted to the Android platform, it works well for iOS too. And, you get all of this without a cost.

3. Where’s My Droid

Where’s My Droid is an app that facilitates help in tracking when a device gets stolen. The design of the application is unique because once you install this application, you’d get to track the device. First, install the application. After that, set the application setting where you can use the SMS feature to lock the device from any other device and instantly retrieve the GPS coordinates. 

After tracking the coordinates, simply make the device ring if you’re close to it. You can also set up a setting where the application will lock the device and wipe everything if the battery of the device is low. However, all of these are only available in the free version. The paid version offers more like motion alarms, location history, taking images and etc. 

4. Famisafe Location Tracking 

If you want to know about the whereabouts of your children, then Famisafe Location Tracking can be of great use to you. Even though the application features access to your targeted device, it also offers you more control over it. 

For instance, if you worry about your children getting into any kind of trouble then this can give you the alarm. Famisafe provides real-time location status with any level of battery left in the device. 

Additionally, you will also receive notifications of any suspicious images of texts to your children’s phone and get the amount of app usage on the device. However, all of this may not come all together in the free version but it is still worth a try. 

5. Google Map Location Sharing 

Google Maps is one of the most-used applications that give you access to any location from Android Device. However, Google Maps does not limit to showing the location of places but it can also incorporate a feature where you can track the device of another device. How? 

Well, all you have to do is open “Google Maps” and then go to an option in the Menu Settings window called “Location Sharing”. Now, share the location to whichever contact you want. 

However, keep in mind to check the box that says, “Until you turn this off” during location sharing. This way the other device can track your location and you can do the same for the other device. This is very useful if you’re confused about your location and can’t find your friends. 

Wrapping it Up!

Tracking Android devices might have been a hassle before but not anymore. Follow the list of apps and get started. However, make a note that tracking a device of a third-person, who’s an adult and has no idea about it, falls under the category of stalking. This is highly inappropriate and can cost you a great length of lawful actions.