4 Types of Pay Per Click Services for Your Business

Both traditional and digital marketing techniques are designed to help out any business owner in need of advertising. However, the latter is proving to be a more effective way of boosting sales. While it seems a bit overwhelming, online sales strategies are a must for old and new businesses. The use of pay per click services (also known as PPC) is an efficient way when promoting the products and services of your company.

Traditional advertising (such as marketing campaigns via print, radio, and television) gets slow results. Now is the time for internet use where instant information access is the norm. Speed is of the essence, especially if you have competition. Your business needs to have the edge over everyone to get the sale. Corporations and other big firms also use pay per click services, which is why they are almost always at the top of a search results page. It is beneficial for all types of companies, whether big or small. You could choose just one or a combination of the different types of services.

Display advertising via social media promotions

As the name suggests, these are digital, pay per click ads placed on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked-In, and Instagram. It is easy to target prospective clients based on topic interest, demographics, and other information collected by the platform. The ads will come out in the social media account holder’s wall or feed.

All businesses want their brands to be a household name now or in the future. A social PPC campaign is perfect for brand awareness. The advertiser determines who sees their ads on social media platforms, so there is an almost perfect match to the target audience. This strategy also creates a frequent engagement with users via several in-app clicks such as “Like,” “Retweet,” “Share,” “Follow,” “Check-in,” and “Re-Pin.” Even if you do not get a sale from them, their clicks may generate interest from their followers, family, and friends who see that they approve of the post. And when they do their research, it can lead to them signing up for an email program for more information.

Paid search marketing

Companies want to connect their ads with the right searchers, so this is what paid search marketing does. Paying per click may sound costly, but that will not be the case when a campaign is done right. Your potential customers will not see your ad through casual browsing, but only when they intend to search for the product or service they need.

Getting your site on the first page of a search engine such as Bing or Google entails a lot of hard work. Organic searches will not bring your site up unless they search specifically for you. Even big companies pay for search engine optimized services just so that they can be as visible as their competitors. As a startup or new business, you will need a lot of time to get on top. Even if you have the best keywords, domain authority is difficult to gain. Paid search marketing strategies help you be more detectable to your potential clients.

Affiliate marketing

The goal of every marketing strategy is to generate enough leads for sale conversion. But successful affiliate marketers also know that success requires time, diligence, and consistent learning. Traditionally, they will build a website, create search engine optimized content, and build a loyal following. But nowadays, paid marketing is paired with it. The advertiser can buy ads or space on the search engine or websites of their choice. There is more control on who sees your ad or content.


Almost ninety-eight per cent of potential customers or visitors often do not convert when they see the ad or content of your site. Regardless of the reason, marketers will make sure that those missed clients will become part of a company’s future sales statistics. Remarketing (which other marketers also know as retargeting) is a cookie-based online advertising strategy that keeps your brand in the thoughts of those in the percentile above.

The “cookie” is like an online tracking device. Once your potential customers visit a site, it remembers them. So that when they browse the Web again, it will let the marketer know when to show an ad. So the “cookied” visitor will see your content again. They could be reminded that they left something in the cart or that they need to buy something there. This type of advertising is effective because you spend your pay per click ads on people who already know and show interest in your brand.

The return of your investment is a must in any business. It is best to ensure sales success with the help of one or a mix of pay per click services.

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