3 Easy Fixes for HBO Max Oops Something Went Wrong Error

Users who stream content from their Smart TVs, computers, or smartphones have reported the HBO Max Oops Something Went Wrong error. For several reasons, the app can display this message when watching a movie or series.

Out-of-date software can prevent the HBO Max servers from fetching the required data, displaying Oops Something Went Wrong message. Sometimes, your router’s built-in firewall feature or Windows Defender Firewall can prevent the HBO Max app from communicating with the servers.

Temporary glitches on the browser can generate this problem on HBO Max. The app cache and internet connectivity problem are other reasons for the Oops, Something went wrong error. Whatever the reason, you can easily fix this HBO Max using simple D-I-Y solutions.

Let’s learn the easy ways to fix the HBO Max Oops Something Went Wrong:

How to Solve the HBO Max Oops Something Went Wrong Error

HBO Max will fail to execute the modules for installing a corrupted app version. Avoid downloading or installing the APK files of streaming apps from websites. Open the App Store on your iPhone and Google Play Store from your Android device to install the latest HBO Max app.

Open the HBO Max program from your phone or computer, play any series or shows, and check if the error persists. Try these easy solutions if the streaming app shows Oops Something Went Wrong:

1. Restart the HBO Max app

An unresponsive HBO Max app can display this error message in the middle of streaming content. Restarting the app can help you to fix the problem. Here is how you can relaunch the HBO Max program on the following devices:

On Android Devices

Open the Overview or Recent Apps window on your Android devices. Swipe the HBO Max window either in left or right to close it. Open your phone’s home screen and swipe from the button to check all the apps. Tap on “HBO Max”, open it, and enjoy the online content without interruptions.

On iOS Devices

Unlock your iPhone or iPad and swipe up from the bottom when the home screen appears. Touch the middle of the screen and swipe left or right to close the HBO Max app on your iOS device.

Access the App Library, go to the search box, and write “HBO Max”. Tap on the HBO Max icon to open it on your iPhone or iPad. Start streaming any content and check if the HBO Max Oops Something Went Wrong message appears.

On Windows and Mac Devices

Close the browser from where you have accessed the HBO Max website. Open the web Chrome browser from your Windows device and Safari browser from your Mac laptop. Write “HBO Max” in the search bar, press the Enter button, and click the HBO Max website link.

Sign in to your HBO Max account using the right password, phone number, or email address. Go to the navigation panel and write the shows or series you want to watch. The HBO Max website will not display the Oops Something Went Wrong error after launching it.

On an Android TV

Press your Android TV remote control’s Quick Settings button. Scroll down to the Settings option from the home screen and select Apps. Highlight HBO Max from the pre-installed application list using the Up/Down arrow keys.

Press the Enter button from the Smart TV’s remote control. Select Force Stop from the pop-up menu and return to the Settings window. Choose Apps using the remote’s navigation keys. Navigate to HBO Max, select any video, and check if the error message pops up.

2. Power Cycle Your Wi-Fi Router and Modem

A flawed internet connection can cause this issue in the HBO Max app. However, power cycling the networking equipment can eliminate the problem. Here is how you can power cycle your modem and router:

  • Disconnect your wireless router’s power cable from the electrical outlet.
  • Remove one end of the Ethernet cable from the Wi-Fi router’s LAN or WAN port.
  • Unplug the power cord and Ethernet cable from your wireless modem.
  • Turn off the device where the HBO Max app is installed.
  • Reconnect the Wi-Fi router’s power cable and Ethernet cable.
  • Plug in the modem’s power cord and the Ethernet cable in the correct port.
  • Restart your mobile or computer from where you access the HBO Max app.

The HBO Max app will work properly without showing the Oops Something Went Wrong message.

3. Update the HBO Max app

Updating the HBO Max app will resolve this technical glitch. The steps to Update the HBO Max app are similar for Android and iOS devices. Follow these instructions to update the HBO Max program on different devices:

On an Android Device

Open the Play Store from your Android phone or tablet. Go to the search bar and write HBO Max in the search box. Select HBO Max and choose the Update button to install the latest app version. Open the app after the update and use it without receiving the error message.

On an Apple Phone

Access the App Store and tap on your Profile icon from the top of the screen. You will see a list of the apps installed on your Apple phone. Select HBO Max and check if a new update is available. Choose the Update button to install the current app version.

On a Windows 10/11 Device

Open the Microsoft Store from your Windows 10/11 computer. Select your Profile icon and scroll down to “App settings”. Locate the App updates option and move the toggle from left to right to enable automatic app updates. Your Windows device will update the HBO Max app program within 2-3 minutes.

On a Mac Device

Access your Mac laptop’s App Store and select Preferences from the drop-down menu. Locate the Automatic Updates option and tick the checkbox. It will update all the installed apps, including HBO Max, on your Mac device.

On an Android TV

Choose HBO Max when your Android TV’s home screen opens. Press the Select button and choose View Details using the remote control’s Up and Down arrow keys. Tap the Update button to install the latest HBO Max app version on your Smart TV.

Lastly, Sign Out and Sign in to Your HBO Max Account ….

If you repeatedly receive the Oops Something Went Wrong message, sign out of the HBO Max account. Sign in to the account after 2-3 minutes to fix the problem. Besides, an out-of-date OS can generate this issue in this online content streaming app.

Thus, update your phone, computer, or Smart TV to avoid receiving the error message while streaming your favorite shows. Uninstalling and reinstalling the app on your device will also help you eliminate the HBO Max Oops Something Went Wrong problem.

Try accessing the HBO Max website on a different web browser. Sign in to your account using the right credentials. Go to the homepage and search for the show, series, or movies you want to watch. The HBO Max website will display the content without showing any pop-up messages.