3 Creative Ways to Hire Node.js Developers and Not Regret

Hiring Node.js developers is tough. There is a lack of skillful experts on the market; what is more, the demand significantly exceeds supply. And even if you manage to find several qualified IT professionals, how can you hire node.js programmers and make sure that they accept a job offer from you? In this post, we will look into the most effective ways to get professionals to your team and hire Node.js developers.

Basic Steps to Follow to Hire Node.js Developers

If you have no idea how you find Node.js developers for hire for your project, there is an exhaustive list of steps that you should go through to hire Node.js developers. It is important to take all the steps to be sure that the IT specialist you find fully matches your expectations and projects specs.

Step 1 – Indicate Your Requirements

Be as clear and specific as possible when drafting a vacancy for a Node.js app developer and get information about the hunted specialist from a dev team lead or a tech manager. Thus, you will not only create a functional list of requirements but also narrow down your search by having a specific set of skills. For example, you can expect candidates to be proficient in coding, front-end or server-side technologies, knowledge of SQL or a relational database, excellent command of the JavaScript framework, asynchronous development, CSS or HTML, etc.

Let’s take a look at additional skill sets that you can add to the list:

  • Knowledge of Scrum or Agile methodologies;
  • Knowledge of continuous integration, code analysis, and similar processes;
  • Experience with GitHub or Git;
  • Understanding of your target niche.

Step 2 – Find the Best Solution

Once you are done with your project idea and budget, you can start looking for a Node.js development team worth your investment. At this point, you can consider freelancers, full-time employees, development consulting agencies, and using any tool to create online applications. At first glance, hiring your own NodeJS company or employees might seem like a great idea. You get someone on the team who will always stay in place so that you can discuss the project or formulate new ideas in order to have a strategic advantage over the decision.


But in the long run, this is an expensive practice that most businesses cannot use very often. Therefore, many companies resort to the services of freelance Node.js programmers or pay development consulting agencies.

Step 3 – Check Previous Projects

Once you know what you are going to build, you get a clearer understanding of hiring programmers or consultants. It will also simplify your hiring process because you will be able to see if they have completed similar projects that meet your expectations. Get an overview of their previous work or ask for their portfolio in advance. Alternatively, you can also ask dedicated Node.js developers to provide you with their written job recommendations, if they have any.

Step 4 – Test Tech Skills

It is highly recommended that you test the technical skills of Node.js programmers before sending a job offer to them. Thus, you can explicitly involve them in any current Node.js project that is under your wings or assign a minor project to them. This will help you understand how a particular developer works and if one is able to meet deadlines.

Ways to Hire Node.js Developers

Now, the next and final step is hiring Node.js developers. And here are some creative ways of hiring dev specialists. You can contact an agency or IT center to hire a Node.js programmer or hire freelancers. To make the right choice, you need to answer a couple of questions:

  • Are you looking to hire a freelancer or full-time employee?
  • Are you looking to hire an outsourcing software developer?

Every option has its pros and cons to consider.

#1 – Freelancer

It is best to hire a freelancer if you want to fix the underlying issues with your application. But if you are thinking of starting a project from scratch, you must do proper research. A freelancer may be good at the backend, but you may need to hire others for front-end testing. This will make a lot of noise.

#2 – In-house Developers

Internal developers are great team workers as they will work in your office. You won’t have communication problems. But don’t hire in a rush. If you are looking for the best NodeJS developers, you can hire a specialist from anywhere in the world.

#3 – Outsourcing Companies

This option may work best for you, regardless of the size of your project. Outsourcing helps you to hire Node.js developers from anywhere in the country. You don’t have to pay them any extra money since the total cost of a project is usually much less than hiring full-time employees. Outsourcing teams are usually well equipped with all the necessary hardware and software, so you can get a well-packed dev team in one go.

Nathaniel Villa
Nathaniel Villa