20 Easily Pronounced Last Names That Start With V

Isn’t it annoying when someone mispronounces your name in public? It happens when you have a quite complicated last name. It is important to find an easy and meaningful last name for your newborn baby.

That leads to a crucial question, what should be the last name you will give to your baby? There are a billion of them, and that confuses parents more.

But if you’re looking for some straight names with positive and nice meanings, then we will help you find them. In this article, we have 20 easily pronounced last names that start with V.

Easily Pronounced Last Names That Start With V

So let’s jump in some easily pronounced last names that start with V.

1. Vega

The first name we have is ‘Vega,’ which is a Spanish-originated surname. It’s a girl’s name that means ‘dweller in the meadow.’

If we simplify the meaning of this name, it turns out to be a person who lives in or out at a specified place.

2. Van

“Van’ is a male given name. The two main origins of this name are Dutch and French. The meaning of this name is ‘of’ which explains a relation of some kind.

But ‘Van’ can also use it for the word ‘from’ in Dutch.

3. Vance

‘Vance’ is a pure English Origin name that is also for a boy. The meaning of the name in the Bible is a person who lives near the marshland.

It will be a great choice if you have English roots.

Note: We found out this name through CocoFinder, and it was one of the top last names in the list.

4. Vargas

‘Vargas’ is a habitational name that means ‘thatched hut.’ Easily, ‘a hut covered by straw or similar material’. The origin of this name is shared with Portuguese and Spanish. That is why tracking its ancestry may not give you the exact results.

5. Villa

You might have heard about this word. ‘Villa’ is an easily pronounced Italian Origin name. It’s a pretty famous name that means ‘country house’ and ‘estate.’

It was also used for a person who lived in a village.

6. Vincent

Next, we have ‘Vincent,’ which is a boy’s name. It came from the Latin word ‘Vincentius,’ derived from the Roman name ‘Vincere.’

The meaning of the name is so powerful that it is ‘to conquer’ or ‘conquerer.’ Indeed, a great male given name.

7. Vogel

‘Vogel’ is an interesting German and Dutch male given name. Vogel means ‘bird’ in German.

However, it is used as a Nickname for a person who likes to sing a lot. It would be a great choice if you want your kid to be a huge singer!

8. Vera

‘Vera’ is a surprisingly unique name for a girl. It came from the Cylliric word ‘Véra’ which means ‘faith’ and ‘truth.’

After the 19th century, it got popular for a girl’s name and is now often used in English.

9. Vinson

A great male-given name that came from pure English Origin. As it already sounds like, ‘Vinson’ means ‘son of Vincent.’

‘Vincent’ means ‘conqueror’ as we’ve just seen earlier. That makes Vinson an amazing name as ‘son of the conqueror.’

10. Vang

Vang is a habitational name that is of Swedish Origin. It‘s a unisex name, but most commonly, it is found to be a boy’s name. ‘Vang’ can be used for numerous place-related farm seeds or so-named ‘field, ‘meadow’ from old Norse ‘vangr.’

11. Valle

‘Valle’ is a male given name derived from the Latin word ‘Vallis.’ It is used for a person who lives in a valley. It is a topographic name of Spanish and Italian Origin.

It is pretty common in the US as well as in Spain and Nicaragua.

12. Vigil

An Austrian and Spanish name that comes from the Latin word ‘vigilia.’ The meaning of this name is ‘wakefulness,’ or similarly, it is also used for someone wakeful and watchful. The great thing about his name is that it’s a unisex name.

13. Vu

Vu is the shortest name we’ve seen so far. According to a person who shares this Lastname from California, ‘Vu’ is of Vietnamese origin. The person says that the meaning of this name is ‘Dreamer.’

Though, it is yet to be sure whether the information is true.

14. Vick

‘Vick’ is an easily pronounced male-given surname that is of Latin Origin. The surname is either a nickname or occupational as it was turned into multiple forms like ‘Vesk,’ ‘Veck.’

 However’ the meaning of this is clear, which is ‘champion.’

15. Vann

‘Vann’ is another great short name that can be pronounced very easily. It is of Danish origin, which is the rarest Origin on this Top 20 list. It is also a male-given name that means ‘of.’

‘Van’ is also derived from the Middle English word ‘fayn’ or ‘fane,’ which means ‘glad.’

16. Varela

A very popular female-given name that is of Galician Origin. ‘Varela’ means ‘rod’ or ‘stick ‘that is from the diminutive of the word ‘vara.’

Also, a metonymic occupational name for a cooper is derived from the Greek word ‘varelas’ that means ‘barrel.’

17. Varner

‘Varner’ is the amoral name for a boy. It can easily be pronounced from almost any country’s native accent. It is a habitational name that is of German Origin. The meaning of this name is ‘army’ as the old german compound name with the elements ‘war’ and ‘for the guard.’

18. Vidal

‘Vidal’ is a surprisingly great name for a boy. Some people might pronounce it in the wrong way. However, the correct pronunciation of this name is ‘vee-dal.’ It is of Spanish origin derived from the Latin word; its meaning is ‘life-giving.’

19. Vesta

In Latin origin, the name is used for the ‘Roman goddess of the hearth.’ ‘Vesta’ is a beautiful- a female-given name that means ‘pure.’ In the ancestor times, vesta was a well-known name to the  Greeks as ‘Hestia’; it was one of the three goddesses of antiquity.

20. Viera

‘Viera’ is a feminine name that is of Russian and Czech origin. The name can easily be pronounced as ‘Vee- Era’ which means ‘faith’ and ‘truth.’

The name was not famous until it became sharp on people’s tongues in the English-speaking world.

Concluding Words

This list of easily pronounced last names that start with V will help you explore the history and origin of these names. Also, they can help you find the meaning of your last name by sharing their origin with yours. However, if you want to explore the complete list, you can visit CocoFinder and search for the last name.

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